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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


"So as today, the rest of the year"...

2011 began while i was sitting in a chair talking about music. there was no countdown that i heard, just the neighbors banging the pots n pans, screaming about "HAPPY..." and 2011 started its reign much the same as 2010 had ended, with me sitting in a chair talking about music.

the beginning of 2010 found me with a full moon belly, fresh out of the bath, alone in front of my record player. everyone had gathered together for dares and drinks but i decided to remove myself so that i could sit and talk about music (though that time i was not in a chair). maybe i wasn't speaking out loud but the dialogue was rapid and rich. the double double.

my final new year in oregon was spent sitting around my dimly lit living room with the heat and the tunes cranked. a special group assembled and we moved into the kitchen where everyone played something, i remember one glamorous person chose the stove as their vehicle for expression. when i woke up in the morning to clean up, a whole bottle of olive oil had been "played" on the stove and the spoons, that had been used as drum sticks, took half the stove's white paint with them to the floor.

"So as today, the rest of the year"...

Another year of music and I hope the same for you.
It never grows old.
Always something new to you.

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