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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SUMMER CATSUP / won't stay away so long

Many summer things...quite convenient there is so much space 'round here...

#1 Leo Shows! Just can't get enough.

August 18 / Toronto / Dakota Tavern with Slim Twig + Sun Ra Ra Ra
August 19 / London / Brennan's Beer with Slim Twig + Zacht Automaat
August 20 / Peterborough / The Loft with Slim Twig + Zacht Automaat

#2 New duo in Coca-Cola.
Coca-Cola is like a walkie-talkie conversation between Motown and Outer Space.
You might like it.

We played our first nite through the railing, down the weed slope, under the dripping overhang at an event called Against Life. I had never heard of such a nite, but it proved to be 100% Against Life As We All Know It.

Coca-Cola will play again:
August 25th / Toronto / Double Double Land with Zacht Automaat

#3. A pair of July photos

#4. A song to cool you down after all this heat.

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