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Saturday, November 17, 2012


We leave tomorrow for Europe. Wow.

I have a few things to say:

#1. Our Paris show has been cancelled for ridiculous reasons having nothing to do with us. People are scrambling to find us a new venue...lets hope this happens. Stay tuned.

#2. I want to wear a different wig every nite on tour, but I am not a rich woman like Gaga. So if you are coming to see U.S. Girls and Slim Twig and you have a lovely wig, please bring it along. I will borrow it for just a few hours and then give it back to you with some sort of gift like a collage or a tape. I will wear any wig. I ain't picky.

#3. We have so much merch we could open a mall! Tapes, records, shirts, bags, collages, posters, tattoos if you want one...Come and get it!

See you soon!!!!


  1. all that merch is seriously lovely and you are some ORGANISED !
    Oh and you folks will be misssssssed.