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Monday, November 5, 2012

Lots to cover:

1. 'GEM' is now out in the UK and Europe. All you foreigners should buy it and then listen to it while the US Presidential results are being reported.

2. I made this mix for FatCat featuring all the talented people who played on 'GEM':

Track listing:
01 Onakabazien, "No. #1" (from That Young Shit: Needle & The Damage Done)
02 Onakabazien, "Early Morning Reflections 3" (from Power of the Dollar)
03 Slim Twig, "Mary Jane" (from 4 way "STATEMENT" split)
04 Slim Twig, "Labeija Pen'davis" (from Sof' Sike)
05 Chocolate Chips, "Feel For The Industry" (from Cancel My Appointments)
06 Tropics, "Pale Trash" (from Pale Trash Single)
07 Onakabazien, "The Price Is Right II" (from That Young Shit: Needle & The Damage Done)
08 ZACHT AUTOMAAT, "Untitled" (from Bags Inside Bags)
09 ZACHT AUTOMAAT, "Untitled" (from Bags Inside Bags)
10 Tim Westberg, "Scope Creep demo" (Unreleased Demo)
11ZACHT AUTOMAAT, "Untitled" (from Bags Inside Bags)
12 Slim Twig, "Clerical Collar" (from A Hound At The Hem)
13 Onakabazien, "Stuck In Church" (Unreleased Demo)
14 My Mind, "A New Man, My Life Coach, He Shine" (from Path Masher)
15 Onakabazien, "Abandoned Luncheonette" (from Power of the Dollar)

'A Hound at the Hem' by Slim Twig comes out this week! You can order it now straight from Calico Corp. Or give a listen here! Exciting times!

19 Nov - Point Ephémère, Paris, FR
22 Nov - ZDB, Lisbon, PT
23 Nov - CCVF, Guimaraes, PT
24 Nov - El Perro Club, Madrid, ES
25 Nov - Underground Club, Barcelona, ES
27 Nov - La Peniche, Lille, FR
28 Nov - Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, BE
29 Nov - Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL
30 Nov - Monarch, Berlin, DE
01 Dec - Friese, Bremen, DE
02 Dec - Trauma, Marburg, DE
03 Dec - Ludwigstraße 6, Giessen, DE
04 Dec - Incubated @ 013, Tilburg, NL
05 Dec - The Lexington, London, UK w/ Zacht Automaat
06 Dec - Revolver , Oslo, NO
07 Dec - FatCat Furballs show, The Green Door Store, Brighton, UK
08 Dec - The Castle Hotel, Manchester, UK

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