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Sunday, August 4, 2013


In Europe I will be selling LPs, 7"s, CDs, collages, zines AND...
these boxes I made that contain a copy of the Rosemary 7", 6 collages and a secret surprise. Each box was hand painted and collaged. I only made 4 of these.

First come, first served:

AUGUST 9 : Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland
AUGUST 10 : Wastelands, Ghent, Belgium - collab with Slim Twig and Floris Vanhoof
AUGUST 11 : Exit07, Luxemburg, Luxemburg - with Slim Twig
AUGUST 12 : Struppig Tanzen, Leverkusen, Germany - with Slim Twig
AUGUST 15 : WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands - with Mark McGuire
AUGUST 16 : UTF Festival, London, UK - with Slim Twig

There is a possibility of some "secret" shows happening...stay tuned for more info.

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