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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Too Bad So Sad

Video I made for Mr. Michael Rault...

Too Bad So Sad - Michael Rault from M. Remy on Vimeo.

Producers: Meg Remy + Jennifer Hazel
Director + Editor: Meg Remy
Director of Photography: Alex Kingsmill
1st Assistant Camera: Misha Snyder
Creative consulting: Jennifer Hazel
Technical assistance and consulting: Ross Turnbull

Sad faces silk screened by Alicia Nauta / Klassic Kool Shoppe / klassickoolshoppe.blogspot.ca/

Special thanks to: Tamara Alexis

LuLu, Alicia, Kitty, Jennifer, Paule, Helene, Cotey, Siena, Dylan, Carlyn, Sally, Madi, Charlotte, Marlowe and Vicki.

Song Produced by Renny Wilson and Michael Rault
Engineered by Renny Wilson at Riverdale Recorders
All instruments by Michael Rault and Renny Wilson (except handclaps by Garrett Saidman)
Mixed by Gus Van Go and Werner F.
Mastered by Bryan Martin at Sonosphere.

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